CESA Second Round Hiring - Extended Council

2015-02-24 21:07:59
Interested in getting involved with CESA next year?

We are now hiring for Extended Council positions including: Community Affairs Coordinators, Social Affairs Coordinators, Athletic Sticks, B. Ed. Spread Editors, Photography Coordinators, IT Administrator, Workshop Coordinators, and Council Clerk.

Come out to the information session to learn more about these positions and the application/ hiring process. More information about these positions can be found in the Job Description Policy Manual at http://queenscesa.com/documents.php .

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact Levi Burns, Executive Administrator-Elect at newexecadmin@cesa.queensu.ca .

Application questions are now available on the CESA website here and can be submitted online starting Friday (the link will be made available).
Thank you for your interest in getting involved with CESA!

Robert J. Hill Award 2015 Nominations

2015-02-23 12:10:46
Is there a fourth year Con-Ed student who blows your mind? Consider nominating them for the 2015 Robert J. Hill Award!

The R.J Hill Award is presented to 1 or 2 graduating Concurrent Education student(s) who have illustrated dedication and spirit to the Concurrent Education community throughout their undergrad. The R.J Hill Award recipient(s) will be announced at the 2015 Con-Ed Formal on March 28th.

Nomination forms can be found here. All forms are due by March 4th at midnight to 13olks@queensu.ca.

Interviews for RJ Hill nominees will take place on the weekend of March 13th to 15th. Nominees will be contacted with an interview time slot.

You can contact the R.J Hill Award Chair, Oshaen-Lynn Swartz at 13olks@queensu.ca if you have any questions AND to submit nomination forms!

QCE Hiring

2015-02-09 23:01:07
It's that time of year again! QCE 2015 is ready to hire next year's executive team!

If you were unable to attend the info session, but have more questions, please email Morgan Gustas at qce_chair@cesa.queensu.ca. Written applications are currently available in a manila envelope on the bulletin board located outside of the Con-Ed office, on the QCE website, and can also be found by clicking here.

Applications will be due in the Con-Ed office, in the QCE Chair's mailbox by Thursday February 26th at 2:00pm. Upon returning your application, please choose a time slot for an individual interview. All individual interviews will be held on Friday February 27th. Group interviews will be held on Saturday February 28th from 5:00-11:00pm and on Sunday March 1st from 12:00-5:00pm. Please ensure you are available for all of these dates, as well as Sunday evening from 7:00pm onwards. All applicants will receive a phone call on Sunday night between 7:00 and 8:00pm notifying them of our decision, and selected EXEC will have a team reveal from 8:30 onwards. Please email Morgan a.s.a.p. if there are any extenuating circumstances.

***For more information on the responsibilities of each specific position please refer to the CESA Job Description Policy Manual that can be found under the downloads tab. Also please feel free to explore the QCE website at http://www.queensconferenceoneducation.com.

Education Outreach Award

2015-02-06 13:00:06
Do you know someone who has consistently contributed their time and energy towards the field of educational outreach in the Kingston community and beyond?

Nominate them for the Education Outreach Award and they could have a chance to be recognized for their hard work and dedication!


Nomination period will be open from Monday, February 2nd till Monday, February 23rd.

Please look at the nomination form (click here) for more details!

CESA First Round Hiring

2015-02-06 12:58:46
Information slides from the First Round Hiring info session yesterday have been posted. They can be found under the Downloads tab, above. The application is to be submitted online (the link is also posted under Downloads) by Tuesday, February 17th, at 11:59 PM.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions!

Levi Burns - Exec Admin (Elect) - levi.burns@queensu.ca
David Wiercigroch - President (Elect) - d.wiercigroch@queensu.ca
Sarah Chin - VP Internal (Elect) - 11sec10@queensu.ca
Hannah Ramsay - VP External (Elect) - 11hsr2@queensu.ca

How Sweet it is to be Friends with You!

2015-02-01 20:34:27
Want to share Con-Ed love? Send a special thank you to friends to show that you care!

Starting on February 2nd, order some special sweets for some special people! Choose between two sweet treats: Candy Crush (classic Valentine's Day assorted candy) and Hot Stuff (hot chocolate with marshmallows kit)! You can attach a little note or send it anonymously. They don't have to be just for Con-Eddies!

Candy Crush - $3 each or 2 for $5
Hot Stuff - $2 each

Emails will be sent out for pick-up on Tuesday February 10 - Thursday February 12.

Education Speaker Series (NEW!)

2015-01-30 22:36:55
Hey Con-Ed!

A new event called the Education Speaker Series will take place on February 28th, 2015. It is a day-long series of workshops intended for any Queen's students who are interested in education.

Registration for this event is free and will begin on February 2nd, 2015, in the Con-Ed Office, at 9:30 AM. Registration will remain open until all spots are filled. Students are welcome to register for any or all of the workshops. A detailed flyer is available here.

Please don't hesitate to contact Abbey at president@cesa.queensu.ca with any questions or concerns!

Elections Update

2015-01-26 15:55:46
Please be sure to check your email inbox and vote between 12:00 AM on Tuesday January 27th, to 8:00 PM on Wednesday January 28th. All Con-Ed students are eligible to vote in CESA, ASUS, and AMS elections. Students living in residence this year will also be eligible to vote in ResSoc elections.

The minutes from the CESA Candidates' Forum are available here. Platforms from all candidates were disseminated earlier on in the campaign season. These documents, together, can help better inform your vote!

Campaign Season

2015-01-15 14:12:19
Campaigning for CESA elections will begin on Saturday, January 17, and continue until voting period. Voting will take place on January 27th (starting at 12:00 AM), and continue until January 28th (8:00 PM).

You will receive ballots in your @queensu email inboxes, with instructions on how to vote in all of the elections in which you are eligible to do so. All Con-Ed students are eligible to vote in the AMS, ASUS, and CESA elections. All students living in residence are also eligible to vote in the ResSoc election.

For those of you who may be looking to be involved with CESA Council or Extended Council in 2015-2016, bear in mind that there are dozens of other opportunities to get involved with us. A first round of hiring will take place soon after elections for the positions of Treasurer, Equity Outreach Director, Events Director, and Marketing and Design Director. Hiring for all other CESA positions (including QCE Exec) will take place well after Reading Week. As always, you're welcome to get in touch with current position holders to learn more about what the positions entail. We'd love to hear from you!

Please don't hesitate to direct any elections-related questions to Jessalynn at speaker@cesa.queensu.ca, and other CESA-related questions to Abbey at president@cesa.queensu.ca or Kate at execadmin@cesa.queensu.ca.

Mid-Year Report

2015-01-03 09:06:14
Welcome back to school, Con-Ed! We hope your vacations have been restful and warm!

The Mid-Year Report is a compilation of the work that has been done so far by your CESA Executive, as well as the rest of CESA Council and Extended Council. The report for 2014-2015 has been written, and is available here. Please give it a read, and don't hesitate to ask any the Executive any questions at executive@cesa.queensu.ca, or their individual email accounts. You may also submit anonymous suggestions or feedback to the Executive here.