Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Teach?

A: Teaches will be your Orientation leaders next year, and they were selected to help you with your transition to Queen's. Feel free to ask them any questions about Orientation Week, Residence, Course selection, Solus, Academic Fees etc. They went through it all in first year, and with the help of Teach Exec they have been working hard to plan an amazing Orientation Week for you in September!

Q: What/who is Teach Exec?

A: Teach Exec is a group of 5 individuals who oversee EVERYTHING that happens during Con-Ed Orientation Week. Feel free to send Teach Exec an email if you have any questions about O-Week, Con-Ed or anything else you may think of! They're happy to lend a hand!

Q: How do Residence Assignments work?

A: Once you have confirmed your acceptance to Queen's University, you will be given more info about Residence assignments. Residence rooms are randomly assigned. You will have had the chance to rank your top room selections. Once this is completed you will be entered into a draw and Queen's will place everyone into a room. Most people end up with one of their top choices, but there is no guarantee. However, if you are a first year student, and have filled out your residence application and sent in a deposit by the deadline, you are GUARANTEED a room in Queen's Residence.

Q: What are the Residence buildings like? Is it true that I could end up on West Campus?

A: All of the buildings have something special to offer. Don't stress! You will enjoy your Queen's experience no matter WHERE you live - and that includes West Campus. It is possible that you will be placed in residence on West Campus, but they have a great cafeteria, and buses that can get you to main campus quickly. You will also spend some time there during Orientation week so everyone will become familiar with West Campus!

Q: What is I/S or P/J and why do people keep asking me which one I am?

A: As future teachers you will need to select a teaching division: Intermediate/Senior (Teaching grades 7-12), or Primary/Junior (Teaching grades K-6). Although you do not need to select your division until you have completed first year, it is something to keep in mind when selecting your courses this summer. If you plan on doing I/S you will need to select two teachables, and it is VERY important that you have taken the proper prerequisites in first year in order to obtain the proper number of credits for each teachable.

Q: What are Teachables?

A: As stated above, you only need to select teachables if you are thinking of being in the Intermediate/Senior (I/S, grades 7-12) stream. Teachables are subjects that you will teach in school. If you would prefer Primary/Junior (P/S, grades K-6), then do you not need to declare official teachables. You declare teachables at the end of first year, so you have that year to explore your options.

Q: How many courses do you need to take in a subject throughout your undergrad in order for it to be a teachable?

A: If you are in I/S, then you will need to declare a first teachable and a second teachable at the end of your first year. Keeping in mind that a full-year course is worth 6 units, you need 30 units in your first teachable subject and 24 units in your second teachable subject. Please check out this page to explore some of the courses that can be applied to specific teachables.

Q: How does my Practicum work?

A: In addition to PROF class, Con-Ed students complete three classroom placements before they enter their final year. You will complete your first placement (10 days) during first year. The majority of people do this after their April Exams, and some choose to do it during the school year if they have a half-day off. You will get much more information on how these placements work during PROF class in the Fall!