CESA Clubs

Prospective Clubs

Students looking information on starting a club, should contact the CESA Clubs Director at clubs@cesa.queensu.ca

Below is a list of club descriptions, and contact information for the directors of each club.

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Con-Ed Homework Club:

HEY CON-ED! Remember in middle school when you had to learn the Pythagorean Theorem and how to write a persuasive essay? Don't you wish you'd had a little helping hand? Well NOW you can be that helping hand for a grade 7/8 student! Join us at Winston Churchill Homework Club (school located 5 minute walk from campus) once a week and use your Con-Ed love and skills to tutor and mentor these students!

If interested, please email conedhomeworkclub@cesa.queensu.ca

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Queen's University Student Music Educators Association (QUSMEA):

Interested in Music Education? Become a member of the QUSMEA! The Queen's University Music Educator's Association is here to provide you with music education resources in the form of workshops, professional development and volunteer opportunities.

If interested, please email qusmea@cesa.queensu.ca

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Words With the Wise

In partnership with Rideaucrest Retirement Home located in downtown Kingston. We aim to bridge the gap between the student population and the elderly by providing our time and companionship.

If interested, email Ela (14em6@queensu.ca) or Michelle (13mel12@queensu.ca)

[wise2] http://queenscesa.com/download.php?id=83 "Words with wise"